Ecohydrology Research Group University of South Florida - School of Geosciences


Taylor Hancock (PhD Environmental Science and Policy, 2024) Degree program conducted through the Southwest Florida Wetland Initiative, an academic agreement between the University of South Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University. Metatranscriptomic insights into the interaction between Microcystis blooms and hydrogen peroxide Project Context »
Leanne Stepchinski (PhD Geology, 2023) Flow Generation and Propagation from Headwater Wetlands to Downstream Waters Project Context »
Savannah Fransbergen (MS Environmental Science and Policy, 2021) Expansion-Contraction: Spatial and Temporal Variability in Connectivity in a Stream- Wetland Flow Network https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/9111/ Project Context »
Chelsea Mackin (M.S. Environmental Science & Policy, 2021) Iterative Equity: Recommendations for Improved Implementation of the Latest New York State Climate Legislation.
Lauren Griffiths PhD Geology, 2020 (through the Southwest Florida Wetland Initiative, an academic agreement between the University of South Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University) Biogeochemical Cycling of Nutrients and carbon in Subtropical Wetlands Project Context »
Bing Bing Jiang PhD Geography, Environmental Science, and Policy, 2020 (through the Southwest Florida Wetland Initiative, an academic agreement between the University of South Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University) Exploring the Potential of Nutrient Retention and Recycling with Wetlaculture Systems in Ohio with Physical and Landscape Models Project Context »
Brian Montgomery M.S. Geology, 2020 Where the Springs Flow: The Use of Geospatial Data to Predict Springs Locations in West-Central Florida (Internship Project). Project Context »
ReNae Nowicki (PhD Geology, 2019) The Peculiar Nature of Florida's Sandhill Wetlands, Ponds, and Lakes: Their Ecology, Relationship with the Regional Aquifer and Importance within the Landscape https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/8064/ Project Context »
Yasemin Tasci (M.S. Geology, 2019) Affinity Constants for Phosphorus Adsorption and Desorption due to Saltwater Intrusion https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/7966/ Project Context »
Stephanie Lawlor (M.S. Environmental Science & Policy, 2019) Wetlands, More Connectivity: Implications of Land Use and Land Cover Change in an Agricultural Landscape https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/8046/ Project Context »
Kurt Schmidt (M.S. Geology, 2019) Wetland Loss and Artificial Water Feature Creation, Tampa Bay Watershed - 1950s to 2007 Project Context »
Hunter Clasen (PhD Geology, 2018) Flow and Transport in Low-Gradient Rivers and Estuaries https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/7134/ Project Context »
Laura Lotero (M.S. Environmental Science & Policy, 2017) The Role of High-Elevation Headwater Runoff in Streamflow Generation and Water Supply in the Northern Andes, Colombia https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/7421/ Project Context »
Hilary Flower (PhD Geology, 2015) Phosphorus Sorption Dynamics in Shallow Groundwater, Coastal Everglades, Florida, USA https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/5946/ Project Context »
Gregg Jones (PhD Geology, 2015) Investigation of the Mechanisms for Mobilization of Arsenic in Two ASR Systems in Southwest Central Florida https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/5965/ Project Context »
Mike Callahan (PhD Geology, 2014) Groundwater Controls on Physical and Chemical Processes in Streamside Wetlands and Headwater Streams in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/5347/ Project Context »
Amie West (co-advised with Dr. Len Vacher, M.S. Geology, 2012) Something is Askew in Florida's Water: Arguing for a Better Descriptive Statistic for Positively Skewed Water-Quality Data https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/4254/ Project Context »
Vickie Spence (M.S. Geology, 2011) Estimating groundwater discharge in the oligohaline ecotone of the Everglades using temperature as a tracer and variable-density groundwater models https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/3361/ Project Context »
Christina Stringer (PhD Geology, 2010) Hydrologic Controls on Salinity in Mangroves and Lagoons https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/3583/ Project Context »
Jason Bellino (M.S. Geology, 2009) Effects of geomorphic setting on shallow-groundwater exchange and water temperature of salmon-bearing headwater streams of the Lower Kenai Peninsula, Alaska https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/1850/ Project Context »
Natalie Pachenik (M.S. Geology, 2009) Lateral macropore dominated flow on a clay settling area in the phosphate mining district, peninsular Florida https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/2134/ Project Context »
Mike Kittridge (M.S. Geology, 2007) Cost/Effectiveness Analysis of Obtaining Operational Estimates of Reference Evapotranspiration, Peninsular Florida, USA https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/3787/ Project Context »
Kathryn Murphy (M.S. Geology, 2007) Hydrological connectivity between clay settling areas and surrounding hydrological landscapes in the phosphate mining district, Peninsular Florida, USA https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/2296/ Project Context »