Ecohydrology Research Group University of South Florida - School of Geosciences

Graduate Students

Edgar Javier Guerrón Orejuela PhD student, Geology

Edgar Javier Guerron Orejuela

My research interests lie at the intersection of physical, life, and social sciences. I seek to understand the influence of hydrological processes on natural systems, and how human activity affect, and is affected by, these processes and systems. I apply concepts of geology, hydrology, GIS, qualitative mixed methods, and collaborative science to gather, process, and analyze information that identifies hydrologic processes, key stakeholders, and the relationships between them. I use this information to develop groundwater vulnerability models were physical and social components interact with each other, providing a different and novel approach to groundwater vulnerability modelling. My continued passion for understanding and communicating the interrelations between nature and people have allowed me to conduct academic and applied research geared towards serving different communities in Alaska and Florida by creating shared understanding of natural and social resources. I aim to make science available and accessible to non-scientific communities, in turn enhancing local community awareness of the challenges they face and their potential solutions to promote stewardship, protection, and management of natural resources.

Research Links and contact
  • The Richard A. Davis Memorial Scholarships- awarded by the USF Geology Alumni Society USF Geology Alumni Society
  • American Geophysical Union - Chapman Conference Travel Award
  • Society of Wetland Scientists Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting- Best Student Poster
  • University of Florida Water Institute Symposium- Best Student Poster
  • NOAA Margaret A. Davidson Fellowship - View Video
  • USF Geosciences Tharp Research Fellowship

Josephina Reyman MS student, Environmental Science and Policy

Josephina Reyman

My research interest is focused on the restoration and conservation of wetlands. I would like to better understand the impact of development on wetlands and waters in Florida. Currently, I am exploring potential research projects, including wetland storage function in the Tampa Bay Watershed or decision support tools related to wetland management across broader landscapes in Florida. Ultimately, my goal is to provide more data and information to stakeholders, so they can make better informed decisions regarding wetland environments.

Research Links and Contact
  • NSF S-STEM Managing the Nitrogen Cycle Scholarship S-STEM

Tyelyn Brigino PhD student, Geology

Tyelyn Brigino

My research focuses on increasing the understanding of groundwater support for ecological and human communities. I am interested in using geochemistry as a tool to better understand groundwater as a shared resource between salmon populations and adjacent human users in the Lower Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Specifically, I am investigating how groundwater contributes to the modulation of stream flow, temperature, and nutrient concentrations on an instantaneous and annual basis. I aim to assist resource managers and community members with water supply issues by providing information regional water resources.

Research Links and Contact
  • USF Delores Auzenne Fellowship- a two year fellowship awarded by the USF Office of Graduate Studies USF Graduate Studies
  • The Craig B. Hutchinson (2022) Memorial Scholarships- awarded by the USF Geology Alumni Society USF Geology Alumni Society
  • Southeastern Geological Society Graduate Award- awarded by the Southeastern Geological Society SEGS
  • Society of Wetland Scientists Multicultural Mentoring Program Award (SWaMMP)- awarded by the Society of Wetland Scientists SWaMP
  • UF Water Institute Symposium Student Diversity Scholarship UF Water Institute
  • Fred L. and Helen M. Tharp Scholarship - awarded by USF Geosciences
  • STEM Scholarship- awarded by the American Association of University Women AAUW
  • NSF S-STEM Managing the Nitrogen Cycle Scholarship S-STEM

Undergraduate Students

Abigail Reed B.S. student, Environmental Science and Policy

Abigail Reed

I am majoring in Environmental Science and Policy with minors in Philosophy and Geology. My research interests include wetland ecology, botany, water quality, harmful algal blooms, environmental justice, and applications of GIS in these areas of study. I have worked with the ERG digitiziing hostorical wetlands (2022) and also conducted research (2022-2023) for my Honors thesis related to alterations to wetland distribution and stormwater pond creation relative to social justice issues in the Tampa Bay region: The Distribution of Natural Wetlands and Artificial Wetlands in Different Socioeconomic Groups within the Tampa Bay Watershed . I completed the thesis Spring 2023 but am continuing this research with the ERG. I am also a NOAA Ernset F. Holliings Scholar and conducted research with the Delaware National Estuarine Research Research Summer 2023 conducting field work and expanding my GIS skills. I am currently looking into graduate programs for a PhD in Biogeochemistry to pursue after I graduate from USF in Spring 2024.

Research Links and Contact
  • USF Judy Genshaft Honors College: The Honors Thesis Award
  • USF Excellence in Undergraduate Research: 2023 OneUSF General Disciplinary Award
  • USF Undergraduate Research Conference General Discipline Award
  • NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholar
  • Point Scholar