Ecohydrology Research Group University of South Florida - Geosciences

The Ecohydrology Research Group was formed in Fall 2003. Our research is focused on the nexus of three concepts:

  • hydrological connectivity,
  • geological controls on physical and chemical hydrology, and
  • hydrological controls on ecosystem structure and function.

Specifically, our research is focused on: local- and landscape-scale hydrological connectivity, the roles that hydrological processes play in governing ecosystem structure and function, and the roles that science plays in informing law and policy.

We pursue these efforts in a variety of surface-water and shallow-groundwater environments, including depressional wetlands, headwater streams and mainstem rivers, and mangroves and lagoons. Our research is focused within the hydrological sciences, but often extends into the ecological sciences and occasionally has sociopolitical implications. Therefore, collaboration is essential to our success.

Recent Publications

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  • Rains, M.C., M.J. Cohen, H.E. Golden, K.C. Rains (2017) Connecting the dots: Hydrologic connectivity between wetlands and other wetlands and waterbodies. Water Resources IMPACT 19(2) 9-10.
  • Callahan, M.K., D.K. Whigham, M.C. Rains, K.C. Rains, R.S. King C.M. Walker, J.R. Maurer, S.J. Baird (2017) Nitrogen subsidies from hillslope alder stands to streamside wetlands and headwater streams, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Journal of the American Water Resources Association. doi:10.1111/1752-1688.12508
  • Flower, H., Rains, M. & Fitz, C. (2017) Visioning the Future: Scenarios modeling of the Florida Coastal Everglades. Environmental Management. doi:10.1007/s00267-017-0916-2
  • Flower, H., Rains, M., Lewis, D., Zhang, J. Z., & Price, R. (2017). Saltwater intrusion as potential driver of phosphorus release from limestone bedrock in a coastal aquifer. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 184, 166-176.
  • Flower H, Rains M, Lewis D, and Zhang J-Z. 2017. Rapid and intense phosphate desorption kinetics when saltwater intrudes into carbonate rock. Estuaries and Coasts doi:10.1007/s12237-017-0228-z.