<center><span>Seminar in Computer Vision - Spring 2016</span></center>

Seminar in Computer Vision - Spring 2016

This weekly seminar will focus on broad research issues in image analysis, computer vision, and pattern recognition, artifical intelligence and robotics. The purpose of the seminar is to provide the participants with the understanding of current research in these areas, as well as to promote greater awareness and interaction between multiple research groups within USF and in Tampa Bay area. The format of the course is informal. Scheduled presentation by participants and invited speakers are followed by question and answer period. The seminar is open to all students interested in image analysis research. Faculty and researchers interested in the image analysis are invited to attend.

Time: 2:00-3:00pm, Friday, Room: ENB 313
Faculty coordinator : Rangachar Kasturi office: ENB 3501
Phone: (813) 974-3561 email r1k@cse.usf.edu

Date Name Topic
1/15/2016 Dr. Larry Hall Ethics of Publishing
1/22/2016 Renhao Liu Exploring Deep Features from Brain Tumor Magnetic Resonance Images via Transfer Learning
1/29/2016 Rajmadhan Ekambaram Label Noise Reduction Using SVM
2/5/2016 Alireza Chakeri Large Data Clustering using Quadratic Programming: A Comprehensive Quantitative Analysis
2/10/2016 Dr. Paul A. Rosen Using Tropical Data Analysis to Improve Data Visualization (1 PM - 2 PM at ENB 313)
2/12/2016 Cancelled
2/19/2016 Hamidreza Farhidzadeh Signal Intensity Analysis of Ecological Defined Habitat in Soft Tissue Sarcomas to Predict Metastasis Development
2/26/2016 Janani Venkatesan Video Data Collection for Identity Assurance in Cyber-security
3/4/2016 Chih-Yun Pai Automatic Infants’ Pain Assessment in NICU from the Crying Signals
3/10/2016 Kevin Bowyer Biometric Recognition of Identical Twins
3/11/2016 Cancelled
3/25/2016 Earnest Hansley Ear Recognition for Newborns
4/1/2016 Pradyumna Ojha A presentation on summary of video and image analysis problems from the NSF workshop report on Frontiers in Image and Video Analysis
4/8/2016 Cancelled
4/15/2016 Ghada Alzamzmi Machine-Based infant pain assessment (at 2:30 PM)
4/22/2016 Saurabh Hinduja Study of pedestrians at cross walk and their interaction with vehicles

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