<center><span>Seminar in Computer Vision - Spring 2018</span></center>

Seminar in Computer Vision - Spring 2018

This weekly seminar will focus on broad research issues in image analysis, computer vision, and pattern recognition, artifical intelligence and robotics. The purpose of the seminar is to provide the participants with the understanding of current research in these areas, as well as to promote greater awareness and interaction between multiple research groups within USF and in Tampa Bay area. The format of the course is informal. Scheduled presentation by participants and invited speakers are followed by question and answer period. The seminar is open to all students interested in image analysis research. Faculty and researchers interested in the image analysis are invited to attend.

Time: 1:00-2:00pm, Friday, Room: ENB 313
Faculty coordinator : Dr. Rangachar Kasturi office: ENC 3501
Email r1k@mail.usf.edu

Date Name Topic
Organizational Meeting
01/19/2018 Dr. Anthony Hoogs Detecting image manipulation through reflection analysis, and video frame drops using space-time deep learning
01/26/2018 Daniel Sawyer, Lily Tang
USF Nao Robot Assistant
02/02/2018 Earnest Hansley
Identification of Individuals in Real World Conditions
02/16/2018 Dr. Shaun Canavan Classification and prediction of autism spectrum disorder risk
02/21/2018 Dr. Steve Sasson An Evening With Steve Sasson (at the USF Galleria. Click to register for event)
02/23/2018 Dr. Rodrigo Minetto, Dr. Mauricio Segundo Hydra: an ensemble of convolutional neural networks
03/02/2018 Palak Dave A quantitative analysis of assumptions used in modeling the dynamics of marine particles with interactive visualization
03/09/2018 No Session
Holiday - Spring Break
03/30/2018 Renaho Liu Glioblastoma Patient Survival Prediction in 3D way: Exploring 3D kernel CNN for Brain Tumor Magnetic Resonance Images
04/06/2018 Saeed Alhamari Automated Cell Counts on Tissue Sections by Deep Learning and Unbiased Stereology
04/13/2018 Junyi Tu Persistent Pairing of Reeb graphs
04/20/2018 Dr. Arun Ramaswamy Research and Development at Nielsen
04/20/2018 Ravi Subramanian Gait Authentication using Inertial Sensors for Wearable Devices
04/20/2018 Ghada Zamzmi Automated Assessment of Neonatal Pain
04/27/2018 Ivan Zhovannik
Standardization in Radiomics

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