To make things clearer, here we use a diamond shape to show this circular arrangement using the decimal equivalence of each Gua (bold numbers) and their binary digits. One could see that any pair of diametrically opposite gua sum up to 63 (decimal), which indicate that they are complements and their binary digits of the pair are exactly opposites (0 to 1, 1 to 0).

Circular arrangement of hexagrams in Diamond form

Please note that as one moves up from 0 anticlockwise, the equivalent decimal gua number increases by 1 until 31 is reached. However, the left half started with 63, decreases by 1 as one goes down until 32 (also anticlockwise).

The hexagram symbols are easily obtained by turning the binary digits 90 degrees anticlockwise and convert to yang and yin symbols respectively.

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