The purpose of this study is to create a TC database for the Southwest Florida that documents meteorological and climatological characteristics, as well as oceanographic conditions and how these TC’s affected the morphology of the land for all the TC’s known that have made landfall along the Southwest coast. In order to create this database we used information from databases currently existing today as well as literary forms such as news articles on the TCs. For information regarding the records of the hurricanes, HURDAT was used. Atmospheric variables as well as hurricane tracks were found by using the NOAA database. Extended reconstructed sea surface temperature (ERSST) was found using the ICOADs database, and any other information regarding the TC’s was found using other literary forms. The findings of this research show which storms hit when, where, and with what intensity. It also shows atmospheric conditions including sea surface temperature, vector winds and relative humidity. In addition, the research shows how the storms affected the area they hit, by showing damage reports, how much money was lost, and number of deaths that occurred as a result of the storm.  This research will show all the TC’s that have affected the Southwestern part of Florida specifically between Cedar Key, and Ten Thousand Islands.